Introducing Batch Bar!


We’ve opened a bar*!

Several months ago, we were approached by our friends at Twist London, about the possibility of opening a bar together in an old off license that had been unoccupied for months and was in complete disrepair. We don’t have any experience in opening bars, but Twist were up for the challenge.

…And what a challenge it turned out to be. They wrestled (not literally, although I’m sure they’d win) with the authorities for months before finally getting approval to open up their bar in Peckham Rye. Once they had approval, they wanted to move quickly to get the bar up and running and so we rushed to meet up and discuss the plans for December. Christmas seems pretty popular these days and with their business being called Twist London, the Twisted Christmas theme was born.

(*Thankfully, all they wanted from us some props and a bunch of our delicious booze.)

Two weeks later, they’d turned a complete pile of rubble into a fully-functioning bar adorned with creative illustrations of their very own monsters who love a good drink.


Batch Bar is born!

Before and after photos:


Of course, our very own James Goggin worked with their team to teach them all about our spirits range and they’ve come up with some astonishingly good cocktails using only our craft (or small batch, hence the name of the bar) spirits.

The full cocktail menu is below…isn’t it nice to see our lovely spirits worked into such delicious creations?


If you’d like to visit for yourself, head down to Peckham Rye before Christmas for some of the best cocktails in South London!

Batch Bar
56 Peckham Rye
SE15 4JR


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