Empirical evidence of a genre-defying partnership

In a large warehouse on the outskirts of Copenhagen, a revolution is taking place. Empirical Spirits is the brainchild of Lars Williams and Mark Emil Hermansen, both alumni of world’s coolest restaurant Noma. The pair’s new range of four spirits, all made using lots of crazy science, contain botanicals that one might usually associate with gastronomy, like Ras-el-hanout and oyster stock. The result is four spirits you’d be hard-pressed to fit into any sort of category.

Alcohol is the good ship Mark and Lars have chosen to deliver their whacky choice of ingredients to the tastebuds of the world. It is in the pair’s unusual flavour combinations that their culinary wizardry really comes to the fore. While they take inspiration from eastern and western distillation techniques and traditions, their stated aim is to build something entirely new. And, after trying the juice, we can safely say we’ve never tasted anything like it before.

“The freeform spirits being made by the team at Empirical are just the right balance of madness and genius. They’ve thrown out the rulebook and committed to creating the most interesting flavours on the planet,” declared our very own Michael Vachon.

“We’ve always been about honesty and quality. We want to work with good folks who stand for something. Maverick Drinks ticks all the boxes. They’re challenging the whole pay-to-play, retro game and really just asking, why?”, shot back Ian Moore, COO at Empirical.

Suffice to say, Empirical’s obsessive commitment to quality and innovative production methods makes it the perfect fit for Maverick, and we are really made up about our new partnership with the guys.

Alexis Self