Teeling the Limelight

Malt Disneyland

Malt Disneyland

It’s no secret that whisky is undergoing something of a golden age. With bottles of premium Scotch changing hands for $1 million, it seems the world’s hunger for the subtle, age-worthy flavour of the grain is insatiable. But while most eyes are fixed on Scotland and its prestige distilleries, across the Irish Sea highly-rated producers are making delicious, distinctive whiskey without the astronomical price tag.  

Of the dozen or so new distilleries that have popped up across the Emerald Isle in the past decade, none has made more waves than Teeling. Its single malt whiskey is a liquid gold time machine, taking the drinker back to a purer time before additives and adulterants.  

Perhaps that’s because the distillery itself is an homage to another era: the late 18th century, when Irish whiskey was enjoying its first Golden Age. When Teeling opened its doors in March 2015, it became the first new distillery in Dublin for over 125 years.

However, it is not the first Teeling Distillery to exist in the city. In 1782, Walter Teeling set up a small craft distillery there and 236 years later, his descendants Jack and Stephen Teeling are following in his footsteps, crafting expressive modern whiskey using the same time-honoured techniques.

Teeling whiskey is a big deal and we’re so happy that Jack and Stephen have decided to make Maverick its exclusive UK distributor we could dance a jig. Michael Vachon, who’s not averse to throwing a few shapes, said, “Teeling is exactly the kind of brand we are always looking for. It has everything ‒ great design, extraordinary value, wonderful people, a real link to the community and delicious, award-winning liquid. We’re excited to have them as partners and proud to have them as friends.”

Alexis Self