Wolfburn and Balcones Celebrate Big Milestones

Here at Maverick HQ, we're lucky to get to work with some of the finest craft spirits brands in the business and this year two of them are hitting some pretty big milestones. Happy birthday Wolfburn and Balcones!

Wolfburn turns 5! 

5 years may not be long time for Scotch Whisky, but no one can argue that what they've managed to achieve at Wolfburn in such a short time is nothing short of incredible. Critically-acclaimed whiskies, full of complex flavour, that are a perfect example of how slow fermentation and careful distillation can create phenomenal spirits. 

Their first cask was filled on 25th January 2013 and since that date, the distillery has been in near constant production, laying down almost 1.5 million bulk litres of spirit.

‘It continues to be an amazing adventure,’ says Shane Fraser, distillery manager. ‘For the first three years or so we only produced spirit and laid down casks. Then two years ago we installed our bottling plant and began selling whisky for the first time. The reaction has been unbelievable – our whisky is now distributed in 27 countries all around the world, it’s won multiple gold medal awards, and sales are miles higher than we anticipated. The five years since filling the first cask have simply flown past.’

Stay tuned for another exciting release from them coming in March!

Balcones turns 10!

Turning 10 years old puts Balcones Distilling in amongst some of the 'old guard' of the US craft distilling scene. In that time, they've racked up well over 100 international awards for their spirits, and under the creative direction of Jared Himstedt, they're really pushing boundaries with their focus on different grains and unique methods of maturation. To mark their 10th anniversary, we'll see a raft of new limited edition products released throughout the year, including their Texas Rye, a new permanent expression!

Speaking about the new expression, Jared Himstedt said, “During the first quarter of 2018 we are focusing 85% of our production capacity solely to Rye which means putting nearly 1,000 new barrels of Rye Whisky into our warehouses. These two products – Cask Strength and 100 Proof Rye – are a culmination in several years of exploration in our distilling journey. We hope Balcones fans will enjoy them as much as we do.

We'll be running events throughout the year to celebrate this huge milestone, so look out for more news on our Twitter and Facebook feeds.


Fun fact: Both distilleries use stills commissioned by Scottish experts Forsyths. 

Iain Kerr (L) and Shane Fraser (R) with cask #1.

Iain Kerr (L) and Shane Fraser (R) with cask #1.

Balcones Texas Rye 100 Proof. Rye is always green.

Balcones Texas Rye 100 Proof. Rye is always green.

Michael Vachon