Why Partner Managers?

What's in a name? We think quite a lot, actually.

From day one, we have always consciously referred to everyone we work with -- retail outlets, online shops, wholesalers, bars, and more -- as our partners. When we describe someone as our partner, it's not because we just want a fancy name for someone we sell to; We believe simply selling our spirits doesn't help us achieve our goal of driving the whole craft spirits movement forward. To do that, we have to be constantly adding value to what our partners are trying to achieve with their businesses and enabling them to deliver extraordinary experiences for their customers and guests.

Moreover, we want to treat the people we work with as much more than just a business name with a sales target attached -- they should be people we're actively building something with.

Classic stock image when searching for "partnership".

Classic stock image when searching for "partnership".

Shortly after hiring our first three "Account Managers", we quickly arrived at the conclusion that this didn't really fit with our business and asked them all if they'd mind becoming our first "Partner Managers". Fortunately, they already had all the qualities to be so much more than just "sales reps", so changing their titles to Partner Managers made perfect sense.

To that end, we asked each our team to describe what being a Partner Manager meant to them and here's what they had to say:

Polly: "One of my biggest passions is the hospitality industry and I want to lead a movement where any bar or restaurant in UK (and then the world) is able to offer their guests the finest craft spirits available. This is not about hitting targets for my own means; this is about working together to deliver amazing experiences and good times for everyone."

Harri: "I believe in the power of bringing better experiences to people, no matter how big or small, and that Maverick Drinks can and should be a part of that.”

Dave: "After years in the industry, I’m now part of a movement which shares the same ideals as me. Working together with our partners to introduce the best quality craft spirits and experiences, and not to just tick a box on a targets sheet, is what really drives me."

Thomas: "Being a Partner Manager gives me the ability to work with people and not just businesses. The title itself reflects being part of a movement that respects the industry enough to want to guide it towards a more sustainable and effective model, which is an incredibly rewarding experience."

Owen: "I moved across to Maverick Drinks with their incredible portfolio of brands to enable me to talk to our partners about enhancing their categories rather than talking about mainstream brands that devalue the spirits category. Our products add value to what our partners are doing."

Amy: "I'm so passionate about bringing some of the best craft spirits in the world to our partners for their customers to experience and enjoy. Creating experiences is way more satisfying than just handing over money and not having a relationship with the people we work with."

Scott: "Retailers in the UK look to offer their customers world-class experiences and education when it comes to spirits. I work closely with them to find out their needs and use my knowledge to help enhance their offering in craft spirits and deliver amazing activations and consumer education."

Simon: "Being a Partner Manager is about forging relationships, not managing customers! Customers buy a product or service for an agreed price but partners create a commercial and professional bond that is working towards a shared goal."

To sum it up, anyone can sell booze, but if we're not helping our partners to reduce their reliance on mainstream brands by introducing amazing craft spirits that they can get excited about and that do well for them, then we're not being great partners (and we're not doing our jobs). 

If you think there's ways that we can do more to be better partners or you've read all this and thought, "Wow, that makes a lot of sense, these are the kind of people I'd like to do some business with." then drop us a line: hi@maverickdrinks.com -- or contact your Partner Manager.

We could have used another stock image of people in suits shaking hands, but we've seen plenty of memes of dinosaurs trying to shake hands and high five each other -- and they're all hilarious.

We could have used another stock image of people in suits shaking hands, but we've seen plenty of memes of dinosaurs trying to shake hands and high five each other -- and they're all hilarious.

Michael Vachon