New name, same great service

We have a team of extremely talented and bright individuals who are the backbone of our business. For far too long, this team had a name that didn't do justice to just how much they they work their socks off for our partners.

Until today, our Trade Team’s moniker only reflected a small part of what they do: facilitating trade. In reality, they do so much more. They immerse themselves in the operations of the people we work with, coordinating all of the details to make sure our partners are getting what they need and they're getting it on time, with as little hassle as possible. Even more than that, they actually care about the people they work with and actively want to make their jobs easier. 

Let's hear from the team themselves about what they're all about.

Chris: I enjoy the variety of roles and responsibilities that come with each individual wholesaler, giving me a valuable insight into their processes.

Harriet: Always give people more than they expect to get!

Kinga: The main goal is to ensure that we are the best at what we do. I would like our Partners to know that we care about their orders as much as if they were ours.

We’ve been growing at a phenomenal pace, but our team still manage to keep up with every new partner that comes on board. They’re on top of each new product as it becomes available and they’re constantly looking for ways to make us better at what we do. When the festive season rolls around and everything gets a bit mental, this team always keeps its cool and stays focused on delivering a better service than Father Christmas and his elves.

In other words, they're making shit happen day in, day out.

So, with that said, it gives me great pleasure to introduce the newly renamed Partner Operations Team! Affectionately known as the POTS, the team is comprised of four Partner Operations Specialists — say hello to Chris, Harriet, Alex and Mike — and led by Partner Operations Manager, Kinga. You could say we wouldn't trade them for the world…

The team’s e-mail remains the same ( and if you call us (01892 888 443), they're the ones on the other end of the line. If you haven't already met the team in person, we hope you'll have the opportunity to do so soon.

Michael Vachon