Established in 2013, Maverick Drinks is the UK distributor of an outstanding portfolio of craft spirits. We focus on craft spirits because consumers are increasingly looking for products with provenance, authenticity, and craftsmanship they admire.

Since then, the business has seen extraordinary growth and helped grow the craft spirits category with a range that brings something genuinely unique and refreshing to the UK market long-dominated by mainstream brands. We introduce them to bartenders and consumers who appreciate and celebrate the fact that they’re different. 

Our approach is working. More and more retailers and bars are growing their craft spirits ranges and Maverick Drinks was named IWSC Spirits Distributor of the Year 2014, 2016, and 2017. Our work has been featured in numerous on-trade and consumer lifestyle publications, including The Guardian, The Telegraph, TIME Magazine, and The New York Times.

We continue to lead the UK in distributing craft spirits whilst also working with trade organisations and industry bodies to drive awareness of the craft distilling movement.